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Scholarship Application




1. Any student of Decatur County Community High Schools or recent graduate may apply for a scholarship award offered by the Foundation.

2. Students MUST RESIDE in the Decatur County Community Schools district to apply or if non-resident, the student must be a student of the district from grades 9-12 (total of 8 semesters).

3. Any graduate of these schools may apply for a scholarship award offered by the Foundation for the 1st and/or 2nd year of post-secondary education following high school graduation. 

4. Application must be submitted by December 15, 2023 to Guidance Counselor Office.

 5. Applications are available at the Decatur County Community School Administration Office or from the Guidance Counselors at the Decatur County Community High Schools and website

6.  Scholarship winners will be determined by the criteria listed on individual scholarship descriptions attached to this application.

7. The Scholarship Selection Committee shall be composed of the following:

Two (2) teachers from North Decatur High School

Two (2) teachers from South Decatur High School

Two (2) current members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation

One (1) person from the community who is not in any way an employee or board member of the Decatur County Community Schools and not a board member of the Foundation.

The teachers representing each high school shall have been employed in their respective high school for at least the past four (4) consecutive years.

In the event that any applicant for scholarship is a relative, by blood or marriage, (including nieces, nephews, or cousins of the first degree) of any member of the selection committee, then that member shall declare a conflict of interest and shall be ineligible to serve upon the selection committee for that year. The board of directors of the Foundation shall appoint a replacement in lieu of the ineligible committee member immediately. Selection committee members may serve no more than two consecutive years, and may not be eligible for reappointment for a period of two years thereafter.

The person selected from the community at large shall serve as the chairman of the selection committee.

8. Scholarships will be at least $1000 and differ according to individual scholarships.

9. Scholarships may be used at any accredited college, university, vocational, or professional training.

10. Scholarships shall be awarded only to the most qualified applicant and shall not attempt to allocate the awards between the graduates of North Decatur and South Decatur High Schools.


NOTE: If applicant has attended a college, university, vocational school or professional school, it is the responsibility of the applicant to have a transcript of those grades attached to the application.